2011 Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
2016 Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
2016 Edition Ornament
2016 Edition Ornament
Ceiling Sculpture Lamp
2017 Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
2017 Edition Ornament
2017 Edition Ornament
Sky's Cloud 9 Lounge
Custom Switchplates
Bar Cart copper steel and glass
mixed metal manger scene
reclaimed barnwood bench
stainless steel table
stainless steel table 2
wall piece for a music themed room
a little bears and bull action
house numbers with handsome man
steel and stainless butterflies
steel and stainless butterflies 2
steel and stainless butterflies 3
artistic martini picks
custom steel railing
custom steel step rail
custom drawered cabinet with reclaimed marble shelf
custom lakehome copper fireplace
large custom outdoor lamp
custom painted steel sign
custom television wall
steel and leather bench
custom stainless finanical institution wall piece
corner copper and steel fireplace
giving wall badman style 1st view
giving wall badman style 2nd view
giving wall badman style 3rd view
custom reclaimed barnwood and steel dining table 1st view
custom floor lamp for ND governors residence
custom copper and steel fireplace
close up of reclaimed barnwood dining table
custom professional wall sign
custom stainless and copper bathroom counter
stainless chop sticks with onyx
traveling wine award
stainless steel and textured glass hanging lamp
stainless and copper wall sign
custom all handcut fighting sioux flag
painted steel and stainless with brass table
matching mirror and table
custom stainless steel fireplace wall with mantle
reclaimed barnwood inlayed custom table
custom stainless steel and copper table top
stainless steel and copper baptism candle stand
matching stainless and copper mirror for table top
stainless steel and copper alter candles
complete mixed metals and terra cotta clay alter setting
back of reclaimed phone booth
front of reclaimed phone booth
custom mixed metal FLW style switchplate
custom mixed metal hand cut rendering of a downtown grand forks building
custom steel wine rack system
stainless and steel fire place shelves and mantle
copper and stainless wall signage
lighted wall piece
mixed metal and reclaimed barn wood bottle holder
reclaimed barn wood and mixed metal bottle holder
FLW inspired copper and steel bottle holder
copper and steel wine rack
mixed medium contemporary table
round top mixed medium table
leather, clay and steel bar stools
a forest of stainless and copper trees
matching mirror and table
matching table and mirror
copper and stainless mirror with matching light
stainless steel and clay mirror
copper and steel mirror
copper and stainless steel mirror with side lights
4' square aluminum mirror
abstract billards themed mirror
heated red brass mirror and cabinet
heated copper and steel mirror
large flag sculpture
mixed metal wall fireplace
copper and steel table
2018 Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
United States Flag
Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles
Abstract Metal Fireplace Mantel
Abstract Metal Wall Mirror
North Dakota Business Innovator Ornament
Matching Wall Mirror & Table
Jesus Loves Me Switchplate
Reese 2007 Switchplate
Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles Flag