Breaking Badman

Logo refresh takes on the Periodical Table of Elements.

Badman Design - Grand Forks, ND

I dare you. While in college, David Badman was sitting around with some friends, discussing life after graduation. A couple of friends laughed and joked when someone said, “You have six months to graduate, I dare you to start and run a business. When you graduate you can close up, and move out of town.” Studio 18 it was. In a rentable space that was six and half feet wide, and thirty feet deep located at 18A North Fourth Street, David had a small amount of money, so he cut out a plywood 18 and dropped it in front of the previous 3 that was there and was open for business.

David of course did graduate, and decided he had so much fun running a business of his own. He stuck around. Of course, he needed a new name at that time. He says “People kept thinking I was a photography studio so I needed something different.” So he changed it to Badman Original Jewelry.

As his business has grown and changed, David has changed with it. When he started expanding his talent, he acquired talented staff. He wasn’t just doing jewelry anymore and decided his name needed to be updated once more. Badman Design was introduced to reflect all of the possibilities that could be imagined.

Let’s move to 2019, Dave is sitting with his friends again and he says, “I feel like I need to simplify and reflect what I do. It’s time for an update.” Welcome to Bd!

Be sure to stop in to the design lab and showroom in downtown Grand Forks, N.D., at 18 South 3rd Street!