The Downtown Light Pillars: A Saga


The Downtown Light Pillars were designed specifically with Grand Forks in mind, with a Bd spin. It all started with the need for lighting after the new road and sidewalk construction of Demers and South 3rd Street.

From there Dave knew he had the perfect idea to represent the very essence of Grand Forks that would illuminate the downtown streets. From late night sketching and difficult assembly, to collaborating with other local businesses the Downtown Light Pillars came to life. Months of preparation and production resulted in 10 lights that were installed in the fall of 2021 with 8 more anticipated on North 3rd Street and 4 of a different shape for 2023 on North 4th Street.

Each pillar shows a slightly different winding cutout representing the ever changing Red River, and the blue river rings on the base represent the highest point during the 1997 flood. The evenings in downtown Grand Forks just got a little brighter.