Fall Into Fashion with BD Style


Jewelry is more than just an accessory, it’s an expression.

It’s time to elevate your jewelry game with Bd! Dave, of course, has been bringing the hoop game and expanding on his American Flag series with all kinds of different looks.

Guiding the Apprentices the Bd Way

Dave has been elevating the lab and his team so they aren’t just builders of his design, Aria and Hayes are also designing their own pieces under Dave’s instruction and keeping Bd fresh.

Hayes is a bold guy with attention to detail and it shows in this pieces. Dave has helped him to keep the textures and colors bold while still adding that Bd balance to his earrings.

Aria has taken her style of fun and flirty off of the Bd bag. Dave swapped her paint brush for a torch and her pieces are coming to life. She’s building flowers now but as the seasons change, we can’t wait to see what Dave and she will design next.

Dave loves a challenge. If you have an idea, he will work with you to create it with a classic Bd style. Not in Grand Forks? No problem! Call 701-746-7300 or send an email to dave@badman.com.