Christmas Heirloom Ornaments

2022 Christmas Heirloom Ornaments

Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Star of Royal Beauty Bright! It’s officially here! The 2022 Heirloom Ornament.

This year we have 6 different metal combinations to inspire the tradition of Christmas that is the star on top of your tree. As the ornament enters its third generation of design, you may notice some differences from prior years. While updating some design elements, these updates are not only visual but help us streamline production processes.

Come downtown to the Lab and pick yours out. If you can’t make it down, email us! We are happy to fill any shipping orders.  Don’t forget, we also offer customizations! Ask Dave or one his crew members for details.

There are six available variations this year for $155 each:
• shiny brass
• shiny copper
• heated copper
• heated brass
• nickel with copper
• nickel with brass

Stop by the Bd design lab and showroom in downtown Grand Forks to get yours today or call Dave at 701-746-7300 or email

Check out the designs from previous years here.